My first journey by Pragati express

12125/26 Mumbai Pune Pragati express is one of the regular daytime intercity commuter trains serving the bustling Mumbai-Pune route. However, it is a train in which I had never travelled; until yesterday (from Pune to Mumbai). 12126 was parked on its customary platform 5; behind chocolate brown KYN WCAM2-6P 21864. My coach C2 was of…Read more My first journey by Pragati express

Do Not Underestimate the Deccan Express!

11008 Pune Mumbai Deccan express is not a very fast train – it takes 4 hrs 2 mins to cover a distance of 192 km; an average speed of 47.6 kmph. It also has 9 stops i.e. an average of almost a stop every 21 km! 😛 However, these stats are not enough to dismiss…Read more Do Not Underestimate the Deccan Express!

Flashes of inconsistent brilliance

You know the feeling when a sports team you support (for eg. Pakistan cricket team) have a lot of talent and potential but don't perform as well as their strength on paper says. In this case, it was a train instead - 12127 Mumbai Pune Intercity; covering a distance of 192 km between Mumbai and…Read more Flashes of inconsistent brilliance