Expose of a former friend

Today is Friendship Day, a day on which you usually celebrate friendships. However, some friends, over the course of years, become a toxic influence on your life; such that you wish you could get rid of them altogether. I shall use this occasion to expose Srirang Jairam Gollerkeri, who goes by the Facebook name of…Read more Expose of a former friend

I am an angry Indian

I am an angry Indian There are many reasons But silence I cannot maintain I dare you to call it treason People are being lynched Minorities are being targeted Voices are being silenced Rationalists are being eliminated Patriotism is being forced Sexism is getting enhanced This is not my India This is more like China…Read more I am an angry Indian

My experiences of being trolled on Twitter

I am now a regular user of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, especially the latter. Not to boast or anything as such; but I have now reached 1906 Tweets, have 90 followers, 1184 likes; and follow 179 people. Trolling is a very common experience for most Twitter users, especially if the topic happens…Read more My experiences of being trolled on Twitter