Rescheduled Train Blues – Part 2

Where were we? SUR; 18520 LTT-VSKP express having followed us all the way. To refer to how this began in the first place, please refer . 11018 KIK-LTT express arrived on Platform 5 behind an EMD (with an electric type LT horn) at 15 10, 20 mins late. As I feared, 18520 finally overtook…Read more Rescheduled Train Blues – Part 2

Rescheduled Train Blues : Part 1

It was going to be yet another long train journey from Mumbai to Chennai - yep, you guessed it - by 11027 Mumbai Chennai Mail. The 4th time in 6 months - boringly predictable to most of you by now....or so it seemed. Early on the day of the journey (April 30) I was just…Read more Rescheduled Train Blues : Part 1