Expose of a former friend

Today is Friendship Day, a day on which you usually celebrate friendships. However, some friends, over the course of years, become a toxic influence on your life; such that you wish you could get rid of them altogether. I shall use this occasion to expose Srirang Jairam Gollerkeri, who goes by the Facebook name of…Read more Expose of a former friend

The pain of being a liberal autist

Ever wonder how I came to be thus? Dig deep into my childhood Answers you may find thus Being bullied is never good More so, if it is because you are different Being chased with sticks around a park and occasionally beaten Just because playing cricket with yourself was not a fad then On my…Read more The pain of being a liberal autist

My experiences as an Aspie: Part One

I got the inspiration for the title (as well as most of the content) of this blog from two people who had written exceptional blogs about themselves - one of whom has become a kind of online acquaintance for me.  Those of you who are reading this now; had you read my bio in the 'About' section,…Read more My experiences as an Aspie: Part One