Inhuman Lockdown

This poem is a helpless rant against the draconian 21-day lockdown imposed by the Indian government; supposedly to fight the global epidemic - the novel Corona virus. Here is the content: Lub Dub, Lub Dub, Lub Dub Every week, every day Every hour, every minute My heart beats madly The beats growing louder Till they…Read more Inhuman Lockdown

Why is verbal communication so important?

Why is verbal communication so important? Are all orators saints? Hitler was a great orator But was he a decent human being? King George VI had a speech defect But he was one of the finest rulers!! Why is verbal communication so important? Glib talkers may be blessed With a truckload of social skills But…Read more Why is verbal communication so important?

The day will soon arrive

This is a rant againt my best friend's boss. Here is the content of the poem: Who do you think you are? Queen Elizabeth? You may think you know everything You may think you are the best boss You may think you are a strong woman You may think you are always right You may…Read more The day will soon arrive

Why I am afraid to open my mouth

Disclaimer: I owe much of the content in the middle and end to J.K.Rowling; the creator of the Harry Potter series. The actual content: Every time I open my mouth I enter a whole new world A world full of uncertainty A world full of anxiety A world full of fear I hestitate to take…Read more Why I am afraid to open my mouth

I came to you

I came to you for your guidance I came to you Because I thought you would understand More than others would I came to you Because I thought you were the light At the end of a long, inky black tunnel Never did I think That you would shatter my hopes so cruelly That I…Read more I came to you

I am a Tam Brahm

Footnote: This poem can't be called an entirely original work. I owe a lot of the ideas (and certain facts) to the various people in India who have been at the fore of the anti-caste movement - great historical leaders like Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Thanthai Periyar; as well as contemporary anti-caste movements - comprising…Read more I am a Tam Brahm

To a smoker I meet everyday

Every day you smoke that cigarette of yours Leaving the air around you full of toxic fumes Which coil into a gigantic serpent That turns its baleful eyes on my helpless form And slowly, but surely, slithers towards me Hissing evilly as it prepares to send me to my maker Before rearing sharply, and plunging…Read more To a smoker I meet everyday

Something has to give

Something has to give After hours of frustration Hours of thankless toil Where are the fruits? Trust and rapport built Through days of understanding Days of convincing Evaporate at the eleventh hour Causing me to tear my hair out And start all over again   But are my efforts recognized? Do all those hours count?…Read more Something has to give

A dream come true

Trigger warning: The below poem contains strong references to politics, religion and caste; and certain sentiments may be hurt. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, conservative families, and people with right-wing or pro-establishment political leanings. The actual content: To live your life The way you like To speak your mind To not speak at…Read more A dream come true

You have endured so much

You have endured so much You have braved so much As a village girl In the clutches of poverty Studying, cooking, washing As a city girl In the murky waters Of office politics and gossip Tears well up in your eyes As a colleague revels in his sport Of cracking jokes at your expense You…Read more You have endured so much