Something has to give

Something has to give After hours of frustration Hours of thankless toil Where are the fruits? Trust and rapport built Through days of understanding Days of convincing Evaporate at the eleventh hour Causing me to tear my hair out And start all over again   But are my efforts recognized? Do all those hours count?…Read more Something has to give

A dream come true

Trigger warning: The below poem contains strong references to politics, religion and caste; and certain sentiments may be hurt. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, conservative families, and people with right-wing or pro-establishment political leanings. The actual content: To live your life The way you like To speak your mind To not speak at…Read more A dream come true

You have endured so much

You have endured so much You have braved so much As a village girl In the clutches of poverty Studying, cooking, washing As a city girl In the murky waters Of office politics and gossip Tears well up in your eyes As a colleague revels in his sport Of cracking jokes at your expense You…Read more You have endured so much

The magic spell cast by Dhanushkodi

As we head towards Dhanushkodi On a road smooth as velvet Tall trees of coconut surround us Forming a canopy to shield us From the wrath of the mighty Sun Whose eyes pierce us all And cast an everlasting glow Over the silken stretches of sand Erstwhile a tiny speck in the horizon Now omnipresent,…Read more The magic spell cast by Dhanushkodi

A chaotic experience at Tiruchendur temple

As I head into a temple Standing tall with its gopuram Underlining its grandeur and monstrosity Luring the faithful and the besotted As an ocean opens its arms To invite the mighty ships To sail in its capricious waters Even the cynical and non-believing Can't help but turn their heads Letting their eyes widen and…Read more A chaotic experience at Tiruchendur temple

Why do I feel insecure?

Why do I feel insecure?   Is it the need to please? Is it the need to impress?   Should everyone like me? Should I care what they think?   No one can be perfect Flaws are so endearing They are who you are   Why do I feel insecure? Do I need to prove…Read more Why do I feel insecure?

My awesome little sister

You are always lively Right from the start You talk such a lot With a smile to remember That can melt even stone Affection, thy middle name Thou teaches hate to love Grief to be happy Anger to forgive Haste to be patient I am thy brother But not thy protector Thou are independent You…Read more My awesome little sister

Fascism cannot win without neutrals

Never forget old sayings One rings louder than all Watching evil and doing nothing Is as bad as doing evil So, neutral is not cool Not in new India Where lynching is now normal State controls the media Rationalists are murdered Sane voices are silenced Misogyny is rampant Abuses flow in a torrent Ominous signs…Read more Fascism cannot win without neutrals

I keep losing things

Do I have an absent mind ? As some people assume ? I certainly have an autist mind A mind with a different tune Organization is not my forte Though I try my best It is a real test With less success than failure I keep losing things Though I do take care It is…Read more I keep losing things

How difficult it is, to be a woman

How people change! Well, times change There was a time When I used to complain About extra bus seats for women Yes, this is not a lie! Having a female friend certainly helps With a different perspective With counselling, you believe That you can make changes But this is not about that This is about…Read more How difficult it is, to be a woman