How an autowallah broke my spirit

11th October was not a great day. My new Acer laptop (purchased by my boss just a month ago) was already having all sorts of problems - the charging was taking ages - 5 mins for a mere 1 % ! :O Later, I had found out (at a service centre near my home) that…Read more How an autowallah broke my spirit

My awesome little sister

You are always lively Right from the start You talk such a lot With a smile to remember That can melt even stone Affection, thy middle name Thou teaches hate to love Grief to be happy Anger to forgive Haste to be patient I am thy brother But not thy protector Thou are independent You…Read more My awesome little sister

I keep losing things

Do I have an absent mind ? As some people assume ? I certainly have an autist mind A mind with a different tune Organization is not my forte Though I try my best It is a real test With less success than failure I keep losing things Though I do take care It is…Read more I keep losing things

A night out at Currey Road – Part 2

This is a continuation of my experience in the recent Mumbai floods. You can read Part 1 here¬† . The intensity of the rains reduced, but the water level was still well above normal. The NGO continued to distribute biscuits, this time along with a packet of thil laddus as well ūüėČ . There weren't…Read more A night out at Currey Road – Part 2

A night out at Currey Road – Part 1

Tuesday 29th August 2017. Wow. What a day. There were already some subtle signs early in the day, though I managed to reach my office (at Lower Parel) without much ado in the morning. Things were not going that great at work (Recruitment), with candidates either losing interest or not responding to my calls. Then,…Read more A night out at Currey Road – Part 1

My experiences as an Aspie: Part Seven

Again, to refresh you all; here are the first 6 parts:¬†¬†¬†,¬†¬†¬†, ¬† ,¬†¬†,¬† and¬† .¬† One of the things that I have not discussed so far is the therapy itself. As mentioned earlier, the counsellor in Mumbai has been far more effective than the one in Chennai; as she made a concerted effort to understand…Read more My experiences as an Aspie: Part Seven

Some days are really bad

Some days are really bad Nothing goes right You have no might At the end, you are glad You try your best Nothing clicks for you It's a real character test More so, when autist is you Why only results matter? Why not your efforts? Your morale will shatter Breached, is your fort Once work…Read more Some days are really bad

My experiences as an Aspie: Part Six

Well, well. It has been a while indeed. 2 months! If you have forgotten the earlier parts (I wouldn't blame you at all if you had ūüėČ ) here are the links: ¬†¬†,¬†¬†¬†, ¬† ,¬† and¬†¬† To keep you up-to-date, I started working at a recruitment consultancy in Malad West since April 2016; involving a…Read more My experiences as an Aspie: Part Six

The pain of being a liberal autist

Ever wonder how I came to be thus? Dig deep into my childhood Answers you may find thus Being bullied is never good More so, if it is because you are different Being chased with sticks around a park and occasionally beaten Just because playing cricket with yourself was not a fad then On my…Read more The pain of being a liberal autist

The myth of the great Aamchi Mumbai

"Aamchi Mumbai" inspires awe and brings forth opportunities The Gateway , CST and Bandra-Worli Sea Link stand out as epic icons More remarkable is the resurgence of ¬†public in the face of calamities In dark times, the clockwork precision of ¬†Mumbai locals serving as a beacon However, there lies a black hole in the Sun…Read more The myth of the great Aamchi Mumbai