Expose of a former friend

Today is Friendship Day, a day on which you usually celebrate friendships. However, some friends, over the course of years, become a toxic influence on your life; such that you wish you could get rid of them altogether. I shall use this occasion to expose Srirang Jairam Gollerkeri, who goes by the Facebook name of ‘Srirang J Gollerkeri’; and has a nickname ‘Arjun’. To give you a brief on what exactly happened between me and him; please refer https://ashwinkumar1989.online/2017/05/30/my-experiences-as-an-aspie-part-five/

In short, Srirang is a character who got me to develop a friendship with him, supposedly based on a few shared interests such as trains and HR; but whose real intention was to lure me into a gay relationship with him, and get me to some weird things such as “nose-to-nose touching” and “nose rub” – things which he called “brotherly”. Now, as I have already stated in the above mentioned blog post; I do not have anything against the LGBT community. In fact, I support gay sex and gay marriages; and I strongly feel that the LGBT community deserves to be given the privileges which we heterosexuals have. The issue here is the repugnant conduct of a so-called friend, purely in the name of being gay.

Srirang took a lot of initiatives, in order to get me to do the “brotherly things”; such as firstly making me a part of a Whatsapp HR group which he had created; and then (over the course of many months) making me the joint admin of the group. During that time, we had a lot of virtual nose-to-nose touches and nose rubs; since he had taken advantage of my somewhat gullible nature, as well as my ignorance of unsaid things and social codes; thanks to my having Asperger’s Syndrome – of which I myself had become aware only after 25 years of my life; thanks to the conservative Brahmanical society, which generally does not encourage people with mental health issues such as mine.

Eventually, Srirang and I met at his home in Bangalore. I had taken an overnight train from Chennai, but Srirang made me lie about being in Mysore to meet a friend and then taking a train from there; since apparently he didn’t want his parents to know that I had come to meet him for the purpose of railfanning – which his parents supposedly didn’t know he was doing regularly. However, Srirang’s true intention was to do a real ‘n2n’ with me in his bathroom; when his parents had gone out. I felt it quite weird at that time, but by then Srirang had me in his power completely.

Inevitably, I got closer to him after that meet. He managed to cook up some stories about family being in a bad financial situation; and thus managed to borrow around Rs.5000 from me – money I know he will never return to save his life; going by his character. Besides, I also had to use my Debit card to book some bus tickets for him. Srirang also cooked up stories about having to resign from his company ‘Precision Staffers’ in Bangalore; due to the toxic work environment there. Apparently, he joined some little-known company in Pune; from which he quit as well (after just few months), due to their unprofessional attitude; with the MD bringing his wailing baby to office everyday.

However, I have no doubt that Srirang was just doing time-pass at Pune before again ‘joining’ Precision Staffers at Bangalore. He had made up stories about having to leave both companies just to garner my sympathy; so that he could do more n2ns with me. Predictably, we met at Pune and again had n2ns as well as a nose rub. I think it was probably at this point that he realized I was not gay; and then decided to dump me, having taken advantage of me emotionally, psychologically, sexually and even financially!

Not done with his brazen behaviour already, Srirang also lied about his aunt saying that I looked like a zombie with no dress sense. During that ill-fated trip to Pune, we had met at his aunt’s place when she was away. He had made me wait on a road some distance away from his place; during which the aunt might have seen me. However, even then; anyone who knows me well will assert that my dress sense is fashionable. Thus, either Srirang or his aunt were lying or had exaggerated about me with some dangerous half-truths.

Suspiciously, a few months later; our friendship cooled off somewhat. Srirang removed me from the Whatsapp HR group for no reason whatsoever; without even prior intimation. He also seemed to have disappeared from Facebook (it eventually turned out that he had blocked me). Eventually, his friend (who is from Kerala and had just moved to Bangalore along with his wife; and they were living in Srirang’s place temporarily before finding a place of their own) spilled the beans on his true character. The friend created a Whatsapp group just for the 3 of us; and Srirang finally showed his true colours there. He made malicious and dangerous accusations of me having booked a hotel room in Pune and having sex and sleeping with me. He further accused me of having betrayed his trust such that his mother had advised him to stay away from people like me.

A few days later, the 4 of us had a telephone call – me, Srirang, his mother and the friend. Srirang’s mother simply said sorry and advised me to let the matter rest; as if I could just forget it all, having endured so much of emotional, sexual and financial abuse! Srirang made a formal apology, and the friend developed a true, sincere friendship with me – he wanted to set things right; since he felt he had a responsibility to do so – at the time living in the same house as that of Srirang.

I am keeping the identity of the friend secret by principle; and also to ensure that he does not have to go through uncomfortable experiences like I did. He later revealed to me that Srirang had been attracted to him too; and it made the situation very awkward for him as well as his wife. Eventually, many months later; both of them finally managed to find a place far away from Srirang’s home. Meanwhile, Srirang tried to appeal to my better nature by asking me to be friends with him again; but I, most wisely, ignored him completely.

The friend thought that Srirang had reformed, since he was undergoing counselling; but he was sadly proven wrong. Srirang was part of a railfanning Whatsapp group with me and the friend (who had created the group). In the group, Srirang and I never chatted with each other. However, Srirang was up to his antics again; he tried to add someone from the group to his own group ‘The Railfans’ Junction’. Srirang’s intentions were undoubtedly to seduce that person to having an n2n with him. The friend temporarily removed Srirang from the group and made him apologize for his actions; after which he was added back to the group.

This lenient action of the friend proved to be a mistake, for Srirang was not done with his actions. He created another Facebook profile called ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ (you will recall that ‘Arjun’ is Srirang’s nickname), with the picture of a train in it. ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ sent me a friend request, which I ignored. Then he made rather malicious and damaging comments on some of my Facebook posts; for instance:

stalker troll

I blocked the guy and removed his comments; and told the friend about this. The friend removed Srirang from the railfanning group once and for all; and promised me that Srirang would not get away with his actions. However, Srirang was not satisfied with returning to his old self; he took his behaviour to new lows. He created fake profiles on Twitter, harassed me and spread lies about me – that I was horny and wanted to get laid, and hence pretended to be a feminist; and that a certain Christian slut was messing around with me, and taking advantage of me. Now, I can stand being insulted to a certain extent, but I can never tolerate my friends being insulted, maligned or even slighted in any way!

In fact, though Srirang (or indeed anyone outside my family) does not know this; I had met the Christian lady in question, and found her to be a most warm, friendly, level-headed and empathetic person. I will not reveal her identity, as she has already received death threats from anonymous Twitter trolls for speaking out against the evils of Brahmanism – a highly commendable and brave move on her part. Thankfully, she reported those idiots to the police; and the threats have since stopped. I also tagged the police in a public Twitter post while I castigated the anonymous Twitter troll that Srirang was posing as. Like I said, no one who insults my friend can ever hope to get away with it! Predictably, Srirang created another fake FB profile called ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ – this time with no picture in it:


As you can see, he follows Srirang’s real FB profile; so there can be no doubt that this idiot is just a fake profile created by Srirang. Predictably, he also made obnoxious comments on some of my posts (forgive the photo quality – the pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy J2 phone):


I was going through a hard time at work then. Thus, I really lost my temper and made a few empty death threats to ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ through FB Messenger. I also wrote a poem about him, which contains references to violence, death and murder; you can find it at https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2638003/you-have-wrecked-me/ Thankfully, I had finally found out a Feature in FB privacy settings; which allows only FB friends to post on your wall or comment on your posts. Thus, noone (who is not an FB friend of mine) will ever be able to post on my wall or comment on my posts. Meanwhile, ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’, having briefly vanished like the coward he is; managed to reveal to me (through Messenger) that he was posing as anonymous trolls to track me on Twitter (thus I came to know that Srirang was the one behind all that trolling on Twitter targeting me and my Christian friend!) , and again horribly insulted my Christian friend.

‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ denied any knowledge of Srirang, but he cannot fool a person like me; who has known and suffered at the hands of Srirang so long! Moreover, he spoke about my “not able to maintain a heated nose-to-nose argument” and about my “sleeping with him”! Finally, he took a parting shot “Where will the next intercourse be? in Pune or Mumbai?” As he shamelessly revealed his identity through not-so-subtle hints, I decided that enough was enough. I replied with a few more empty death threats (mainly because of my fury at him insulting my Christian friend) before taking up a new course of action.

I am part of another Whatsapp group of Chennai HRs; unfortunately Srirang was also part of it. There he had cunningly avoided any mention about me or his nefarious objectives. However, Srirang had not reckoned that I would expose him in the group as well. I publicly shamed him there; after which the admins made me a joint admin – so that I could remove Srirang from the group once and for all. You can, and should excuse the Chennai group members; as they had no clue whatsoever about what had happened between me and Srirang; thanks to his cunningly keeping his public self and alter ego separate.  However, one member revealed privately to me that Srirang had tried his n2n business with him as well; but he had wisely avoided him.

It seemed that the coward had finally sensed that he had been cornered; and that there was no way he could pretend to be innocent; since ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ blocked me. I also blocked Srirang’s real FB profile – which the friend (whom I had earlier mentioned about having to stay temporarily in Srirang’s house) had also done sometime back – he told me that he had also been sent a friend request by the ‘Arjun Gollerkeri’ with a train photo; but Srirang (as usual) had denied his involvement. The friend had told Srirang to look further into the matter, since ‘Gollerkeri’ is not a very well-known name; and thus these activities could only have been carried out by Srirang or a family member of his. The friend had recently lost his father to a heart attack; so I felt it would not be good to ask him to get more involved with any unpleasant persons (such as Srirang) in his life.

Anyway, the topic of Srirang Gollerkeri has to come to a close now. But not before he had managed to make attempts to ruin the lives of many people with whom he had associated; including people he didn’t even know – such as my Christian friend. I can only hope and pray that Srirang is fired and blacklisted permanently by all the companies for which he works, loses all his friends; and dies alone and forgotten. Even that is too much to hope for, knowing how Srirang had lied and manipulated his way out of so many situations in life! Also, I don’t like to publicly shame any of my former friends, but Srirang is a special “rarest of all” case. More than myself, I am doing it for my friends; and to ensure that the world is wiser to such people.

Share your views please ! :)

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