Patriarchy should never again see the light

Patriarchy is not just a form of society

It says an entire gender is less

Don’t we want equality?

India is a humungous mess

You can’t complain about potholes

Government are arseholes

Harassing a woman with defamation

For just rapping about an abomination

RJ Malishka, take a bow!

For seeds you sow

Gurmehar Kaur called out for peace

In return got a rape tease

Iron Sharmila stood up for NE women rights

Caged by the great Indian government

In jail, denied voting rights

But was the bedrock of a peace movement

Mansi was stalked and spied upon

For Gujarat  Govt, a girl was less than its own

Rape goes on and on

Police laughs off masturbation complaints

Online sexual harassment is not such a taint

But a meme on the PM gets you defamation

It is time for women rights reclamation

Time for women and men to fight

Patriarchy should never again see the light

More men should be feminists

Its not good enough to be an equalist

Equity is more important than equality

Let’s have more reservation for women

Illegal should be marital rape

Change should come in mindset of men

Please capture all this on tape!




Share your views please ! :)

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