The dream of free speech and equal standards in India

Defamation case filed against All India Bakchod

For a snapchat dog filter meme on the Prime Minister

Something insulting but not sinister

Being a habit of the present PM to goad

The ex-PM when he was in power

The same ex-PM was also mocked by AIB and many others

Never was an FIR booked, ex-PM being a peace lover

All Indians are our sisters and brothers

The ruling party is not amongst them

Nor is the hypocritical Mumbai Police

Fostering an atmosphere of tyranny and malice

Rooted in apathy and male chauvinism

Laughing off masturbation in trains

Ineffective against online sexual harassment

Turning a blind eye to feminine pains

Reinforcing patriarchy’s hold on the establishment

Rape on a never-ending rise

Free speech still a distant dream

In a drain, equality for both sexes lies

In new India, only those in power can scream

Share your views please ! :)

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