The myth of the great Aamchi Mumbai

“Aamchi Mumbai” inspires awe and brings forth opportunities

The Gateway , CST and Bandra-Worli Sea Link stand out as epic icons

More remarkable is the resurgence of  public in the face of calamities

In dark times, the clockwork precision of  Mumbai locals serving as a beacon

However, there lies a black hole in the Sun

In the underbelly of the locals lies chaos

Into animals turn men on the run

There goes sanity for a toss

The crowd from Ghatkopar to north running amok

Shoving their testosterone in your face

Thus is my intelligence questioned by a bloke

Abuses follow at a rapid pace

From my side comes a light barb in return

Provoking a strike from the beast facing me

A hit from anyone and I burn

Thus do I give it back like a buzzing honeybee

As in first class thrives the fight mentality

So in second class exists a right to steal

A year back Andheri station showed its stark reality

Swallowing my mobile phone for its meal

With megablock rush a safe Sunday is history

Death finally greeted my wallet with cash, cards and license

The thief in the Thane local remaining a mystery

In my mind, the Mumbai myth shredded into nonsense





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