Something has to give

Something has to give After hours of frustration Hours of thankless toil Where are the fruits? Trust and rapport built Through days of understanding Days of convincing Evaporate at the eleventh hour Causing me to tear my hair out And start all over again   But are my efforts recognized? Do all those hours count?…Read more Something has to give

My first journey by Pragati express

12125/26 Mumbai Pune Pragati express is one of the regular daytime intercity commuter trains serving the bustling Mumbai-Pune route. However, it is a train in which I had never travelled; until yesterday (from Pune to Mumbai). 12126 was parked on its customary platform 5; behind chocolate brown KYN WCAM2-6P 21864. My coach C2 was of…Read more My first journey by Pragati express

My first tryst with LHB Panchavati – Part 2

Well, much to my pleasure (being my first ever ride by this train 🙂 ); 12110 MMR CSMT Panchavati express had a swimmingly good run in BSL division i.e. upto IGP - here you will see how it fared in Mumbai division. Please don't forget to check out Part 1 before reading on! We departed…Read more My first tryst with LHB Panchavati – Part 2

My first tryst with LHB Panchavati – Part 1

12110 Manmad Mumbai Panchavati express is an extremely popular commuter train - used by thousands of passengers mainly between Nasik and Mumbai. Recently the train got an LHB rake and there was a lot subsequent hype; unfortunately, the new LHB rake did not go well with many regular travellers; due to its cramped seating arrangement…Read more My first tryst with LHB Panchavati – Part 1

A long, dreary and forgettable journey – Part 2

A 33 hours long train journey (from Trichy to Mumbai) makes for a similarly elephant-sized blog as well 😛 - as to how it started, please see . Where were we? GY. As we departed after a halt of 3 mins, I saw GY WDP4D 40117 in the DLS. The twin GY WDG3As that I had…Read more A long, dreary and forgettable journey – Part 2

A long, dreary and forgettable journey – Part 1

Since when I have found train journeys "dreary" or "forgettable" ? Well, this one by 11044 MDU-LTT express was a notable exception. It is a weekly train with oodles of slack at quite a few points in its schedule: 5 hours 35 mins for a distance of 132 km (at an average speed of 23.64…Read more A long, dreary and forgettable journey – Part 1

Rescheduled Train Blues – Part 2

Where were we? SUR; 18520 LTT-VSKP express having followed us all the way. To refer to how this began in the first place, please refer . 11018 KIK-LTT express arrived on Platform 5 behind an EMD (with an electric type LT horn) at 15 10, 20 mins late. As I feared, 18520 finally overtook…Read more Rescheduled Train Blues – Part 2

Rescheduled Train Blues : Part 1

It was going to be yet another long train journey from Mumbai to Chennai - yep, you guessed it - by 11027 Mumbai Chennai Mail. The 4th time in 6 months - boringly predictable to most of you by now....or so it seemed. Early on the day of the journey (April 30) I was just…Read more Rescheduled Train Blues : Part 1

A dream come true

Trigger warning: The below poem contains strong references to politics, religion and caste; and certain sentiments may be hurt. It is not recommended for the faint-hearted, conservative families, and people with right-wing or pro-establishment political leanings. The actual content: To live your life The way you like To speak your mind To not speak at…Read more A dream come true

Do Not Underestimate the Deccan Express!

11008 Pune Mumbai Deccan express is not a very fast train – it takes 4 hrs 2 mins to cover a distance of 192 km; an average speed of 47.6 kmph. It also has 9 stops i.e. an average of almost a stop every 21 km! 😛 However, these stats are not enough to dismiss…Read more Do Not Underestimate the Deccan Express!